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Desert Lady Diaries

Aug 27, 2019

Born in France, Marie Bobin's first experience with desert was a trip with friends to Death Valley. It was a last minute, 'let’s get out of LA for the weekend' kind of trip – in August. Marie says they drove a lot, got out of the car to snap a few photos, then jumped back into the air conditioned car.

Aug 20, 2019

Teaching brought Gay Smith (left in photo above) to California, as after college graduation there was a glut of teachers on the east coast. She’d read about a fellow student who came to Corona, CA to interview, she followed suite and got the job on the spot. Having been in teaching for over 40 years, Gay talks about...

Aug 13, 2019

 In part two of the 100 episode milestone celebration, I read the remaining excepts chosen from 'The Desert Was Home', by Elizabeth Crozer Campbell.
Elizabeth describes the beauty of the landscape, shares some stories about desert friends and neighbors and laments the changes she and Bill witnessed in the time since...

Aug 6, 2019

In this special celebration episode, I'm reading excerpts from 'The Desert Was Home', a book by an original Desert Lady, Elizabeth Crozer Campbell.
If you’re unfamiliar, Elizabeth, or Betts, as her husband called her, she was born in Beach Haven, NJ – so of course I felt an immediate kinship with her.